Trevor Linden retires

Well…I knew that this day was going to come but I suppose like so many other Canuck fans, we didnt believe that it would. I know that I have blogged about this before on the last day of the Canucks regular season but I am still in shock about the fact that there will be no more Trevor Linden. He was one of my idols growing up and still is. I wanted to be like him.

A New Day

Today I browsed the Arsenal website and came across this. Its the new first choice jersey for the Gunners. I have to say that at first glance, it is not the greatest but its not the worst either. I know that it will grow on me and that I will want to own one. ha! I still think the one that they wore the past two seasons are the best ones that they have ever had. I suppose thats why I am hesitant about the new one.

Hockey Night Horro

The theme song to Hockey Night In Canada on the CBC has now left the building. Who ever runs the show over there should be fired. It seems a little weird that next hockey season, Saturday nights wont run with same sound. Idiots!

What Time Is iT?

I wanted to let you about the beauty of ebay. A while back A was going to buy this watch for me for xmas. But it was sold out and then that was that. Fast forward a year and a bit, the watch was long forgotten but you know how you check ebay every once and a while to see whats going on there and lo and behold! There is the watch…so what should i do? bid on it bitches! so here is my new purchase…
Have you heard the new coldplay song…they let you dl it for free. Its not too bad, i got it, i listened to it and i like it…here is a link for it