B.C. to prepare back-to-work legislation for teachers: minister

Here is a real shocker! (dis)honourable minister George Abbott is drafting back to work legislation for the teachers. What a load this whole deal has been. The gov’t position was to not negotiate in good faith, sit and wait a good amount of time and then say that its impossible to reach a deal with the teachers. Now they will use the least democratic way to negotiate a deal, by making it law. Wow, good for you Abbott, I hope you feel good about what you are doing. I suppose you have have to get your name in the headlines somehow…but hey, even though you have never been a teacher, you know whats best right? And who the hell is Trevor Hughes anyways, guess he gets his 5 minutes of political fame now! And one final thought, notice how Christy Clarke is nowhere to be found? Thats because there is no photo op involved with this one. This situation would actually take some leadership, something she clearly doesnt have!