Vedder with a slice of Finn

I have just returned from the Centre, where I saw Eddie Vedder play his very first solo show. It was an amazing show. The venue was top notch, the sound was great, the song selection was great and the seats weren’t so bad either! I had row 11 seats on the very right of the stage. I was feeling a little bitter about them because these are fan club seats and people who joined about two weeks ago were sitting in better seats than i was (member since 95). But once the show started, I forgot about that and enjoyed it to the max.

it was 1996 again

On tuesday night, Al and I went to see Chris Cornell at the Centre. Holy shit it was amazing. We were row 3 and it was out of control. he played temple of the dog, soundgarden, solo and audioslave stuff and him and his band killed it. if i am never able to see the real soundgarden, this was a close second. he was so intense and into the show. he even came into the crowd to sing hunger strike…so good…so good…it was almost like 1997 again! n